Bill O’Reilly Blasts Trump for Ignorance

Bill O’Reilly says the aftermath of the violent white supremacist rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month doesn’t have to do with ideology, but history, saying that Adolf Hitler’s memory “should be as vivid as today’s sunrise.”

In a guest column written for The Hill, O’Reilly says that “most people on this planet have no clue as to how German Nazis went about their lethal business. And that includes President Trump and many other politicians, both present and past.” O’Reilly blamed the education system for turning Hitler into a “caricature of evil, a distant monster” instead of explaining what really happened during World War II, on which O’Reilly has written several books.

“Exceptions are the Jewish people who directly experienced genocide at the hands of the Third Reich. In most Jewish homes around the world, the gruesome German atrocities are discussed and children are taught what happened in detail,” O’Reilly wrote. “But in many American public schools, World War II and Nazism is barely mentioned. Adolph Hitler has become a caricature of evil, a distant monster. He should be as vivid as today’s sunrise.”

“The crimes of Hitler’s regime and the population that allowed it were so terrible that words cannot come close to description. Yet words are all we have,” the column continues.


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