NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Demands Big Tech Silence Conservatives

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is now calling on big-tech conglomerates like Facebook and Google to punish and censor Americans who hold conservative views. In particular, conservative celebrities such as Job Voight.

Jabbar claimed that celebrities like Voight, James Woods and other are harming American society by exercising their 1st Amendment right to free speech.

As The Daily Wire reports:

In a lengthy op-ed in The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Abdul-Jabbar argued that such conservative celebrities do great harm to the fabric of society and should be silenced.

“Few are more beloved than J.K. Rowling, whose Harry Potter books make up the best-selling series in history. Yet her anti-trans tweets may not only damage the Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises, they could end up tainting her entire literary legacy,” argued Abdul-Jabbar. “Even the stars of the movies — Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Eddie Redmayne — have spoken out against her position. John Cleese’s tone-deaf defense of Rowling left many fans bitterly disappointed, tarnishing his reputation.”

“It would be tempting to dismiss this self-mutilation as merely the triggering of overly sensitive ‘cancel culture.’ But some of this public braying does immediate harm to the foundation of society,” he continued. “Giuliani’s attacks on the integrity of the 2020 elections, without any substantive evidence, has undermined the democratic process. A post-election poll indicated that 77 percent of Republicans think Joe Biden won because of fraud. Since no credible proof has ever been shown, this opinion can only be held because they practice flat-earther, anti-vaxxer cult-think: Someone in authority told me what I want to hear, so it must be true.”…

In March 2019, when Hollywood was threatening to boycott the state of Georgia for instituting an anti-abortion law, the basketball legend encouraged the boycotts, arguing that such pro-life laws were a throwback to times where “pretty much everyone who wasn’t a straight, white Christian male was considered a second-class citizen whose rights and future depended on the patriarchs’ whims and largesse.”

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