Christina Aguilera Straps On At All-Age Pride Event

D.S.B, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Singer Christina Aguilera proved she’s still “Dirrty” during a not safe for the family performance at a Los Angeles Pride Event on Saturday.

Aguilera, 41, shocked fans with a “Hulk” inspired muscular top and fishnet stockings, paired with strap-on harness that restrained an obscenely large bejeweled dildo with testicles. She was joined on stage by Kim Petras who performed a sexual act on the appendage during their performance of the song “XXX.” 

According to the LA Pride, the show was an all-ages event. “LA Pride in the Park has no age minimum for the music performance, but no one under 21 years old will be allowed where alcohol is being served,” the organization’s website stated. 

Social media was furious at the lewd display. “Isn’t [the] private part of [the] body meant to be private not pride?” one Twitter user wrote

“I’m sorry but as a parent if you choose to take your children to one of these events then you’re taking them bc you want to expose them to the community. Don’t act shocked when they get slapped with a rubber peen,” another added. 

“I’m confused by the term “family-friendly.” If it’s “family friendly” to have a drag queen stick their crotch or bare butt in a kid’s face or wear a dildo on stage, what, acc. to these ppl, would be “unfamily-friendly?” Explain,” questioned one person.

“I remember genie in a bottle,” another concluded. “Fame really did a number on her.” 

Aguilera isn’t the only pop star to shock social media with an extra appendage. Swedish superstar Tove Lo posted an Instagram video on Tuesday that showed her wearing a metal body suit that was accessorized with a metal penis. 

The footage was seemingly from a photoshoot, which took place on and in front of various boulders, while the “Habits” singer grasped the fake organ with her left hand. “Best of luck to whomever they are pegging,” wrote one social media user.

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