Famous Screenwriter Compares Trump Fans To Nazi Rally Goers

‘Taxi’ driver screenwriter Paul Schrader compared Trump supporters to the ‘crowds that lined the streets in Nuremburg,’ a reference to infamous Nazi rallies that took place in Germany in the 1930’s. 

The Screenwriter published the bizarre and incendiary accusation to his Facebook account on Tuesday. 

As Breitbart reports:

Acclaimed director and screenwriter Paul Schrader has equated supporters of President Donald Trump to Nazis, saying that they are the same as “the crowds that lined the streets in Nuremberg in 1933.”

The Taxi Driver screenwriter posted the incendiary comment to his official Facebook account late Tuesday.

“There are those who say Trump’s supporters don’t understand what is really going on. I’m afraid I disagree. I think they know exactly what’s happening and approve of it. They want a strong man rule. They don’t want the chaos of democracy,” Schrader wrote.

“They revere democracy in principle but hate it in practice. They are nativists. They are the crowds that lined the streets in Nuremberg in 1933. The question is: are there more of them or more of us?”


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