First Female ‘Star Trek’ Writer, D.C. Fontana, Dies At Age 80

The first female writer for the long-running hit show ‘Star Trek,’ D.C. Fontana, has passed away at the age of 80. 

As The New York Post reports:

Beam her up, Scotty.

Dorothy Catherine Fontana, a writer on the original “Star Trek” series credited with molding the character of Spock, has died at 80.

Fontana, the first female writer on the series, went by “D.C. Fontana” so producers in the 1960s wouldn’t know she was a woman…

“She was a pioneer. Her work will continue to influence for generations to come,” William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk, tweeted.

Fontana, who was a native of New Jersey, in addition to being the first female writing pioneer involved in the show, helped to co-write the the pilot episode of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’

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