Go Woke, Go Broke: Poll Finds Americans Are Sick Of Corporate Activism

Overwhelming majorities of Americans are less likely to do business with companies that get involved in political causes or make their employees take activist stances, a new poll finds.

The survey of over 1,000 likely 2024 voters finds 78.8 percent of Americans are less likely to “do business with a company that stayed politically neutral and tolerated viewpoints of employees and customers across the board.”

Only 10.1 percent of Americans said political activism would make them more likely to do business with an activist corporation.

Woke corporatism is even loathed by Democrats.

Among Democrats, 76.9 percent would be more likely to do business with a politically-neutral company, with just 9.6 percent reporting they’d be more likely, less than the nation as a whole.

Among Republicans, 82.3 percent reported they want companies to remain politically neutral while 10.2 percent wanted a company to take stands.

Among independents, 77.1 percent were more likely to do business with a politically neutral company and 10.6 percent were less likely.

The poll’s sample was 39.3 percent Democrat, 35.6 percent Republican and 25.1 percent independents, and 53.3 percent of respondents were women.

The survey results come amid a widespread backlash against woke corporations, with some beginning to rethink “Environmental, Social and Governance” rules for investing and studies finding employers are less likely to hire a job applicant who lists “pronoun preferences.”

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1 year ago

I, as well do not understand why a national and/or Local business would ever go and side with the new Radicalized Far Left Socialist WOKE BROKE Ideologies!!!! Businesses must remain Neutral politically or loss business, which Makes No Good Sense!!!!


[…] Source: Go Woke, Go Broke: Poll Finds Americans Are Sick Of Corporate Activism – American Update […]

1 year ago

Yeah, and we’re sick of Bonehead Brandon, too. And his DemoCreep Blackshirt goons.