Historic and Record Breaking Sale of “Back to the Future,” You’ll Never Guess What This VHS Sold For

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You know that great feeling of opening up a box full of memories? When you find an old film, book, or keepsake you used to love, that feeling can be priceless. What would you be willing to pay for it?

Remember the classic 1986 film “Back to the Future”? It took Hollywood by storm and solidified itself as a classic for decades to come. Actor Tom Wilson, who played Biff Tannen had a sealed, near-mind copy sitting on his shelf. Wilson posted the tape on eBay and faced a massive barrage of bids. He quickly took the video down and contacted Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas.

So what was in this striking listing? He offered a full trilogy boxed set. Wilson was ready to write a personal, signed note along with each tape. The personal touch is what really pushed the value over the edge.

Heritage Auctions conducted the bidding and it was a truly competitive fight. The winner offered “the highest price ever paid at auction for a sealed, graded VHS tape.” The man who took it home was a collector from New York who paid a whopping $75,000 for the tape.

Joe Maddalena, executive vice president of Heritage Auctions, had this to say on CNN. “We had no idea what was going to happen — no one’s done this before and to see the success, it’s amazing. When you see that, it’s a great sense of accomplishment, not even the financial aspect of it but just a moment of ‘I knew it! I knew nostalgic VHS tapes would be good.’ ”

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