Judge Orders Netflix To Pull Film That Insults Christ

A judge in Brazil has ordered Netflix to pull its comedy ‘Gay Jesus’ from its streaming service after it’s anti-Christian themes stirred outrage. As The Daily Wire reports:

The “Gay Jesus” Christmas comedy that sparked outrage among Christians last month has been ordered off the streaming platform Netflix by a Brazilian judge.

“The judge, Benedicto Abicair, handed down his judgment in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday,” reports LifeSiteNews. “The decision followed a petition signed by over two million Brazilians stating that the comedic film, entitled ‘The First Temptation of Christ,’ broke the law and ‘seriously offended Christians.’”…

Christians responded with overwhelming outrage, with more than 500,000 signing a  petition titled, “Ask Netflix to cancel film depicting Jesus as a homosexual!”

“Using humor and art as an excuse, this group has attacked Christianity in an unprecedented manner. They supposedly produced this film as a ‘Christmas’ film for their viewers!” the petition said. “It is an absolutely unacceptable provocation. No one has the right to attack the faith of millions of people around the world. These type of supposed ‘shows’ only cause one thing: numbing the population to attacks against Christians.”

It seems as though Christians in Brazil have finally had enough of the left’s outrageous attacks on their faith and values.


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