Megyn Kelly Roasts the Oscars for Having Anti-Trump Celeb as Host

Megyn Kelly let the Oscars committee have it for hiring Jimmy Kimmel as this year’s host. 

Newsbusters reports:

Reacting to news that the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony would be undergoing major changes in order to address poor ratings for this year’s show, on Thursday, NBC anchor Megyn Kelly offered some ideas of her own, namely that the Hollywood event drop left-wing politics from its program.

“I’ll say one thing, if the Oscars want better ratings, they should really consider stopping the political speeches. Because I think a lot of us don’t tune in to hear – to get a lecture on politics,” Kelly declared as her in-studio audience applauded the suggestion. She added: “We’re looking to have a moment of escapism. We want to hear politics, tune in to cable news.”


Kelly then called on organizers to also consider hiring a different type of host “because the last time around they had Jimmy Kimmel. I know a lot of people love Jimmy, but he’s openly said he has disdain for Republicans, that they’re stupid, and he doesn’t want them watching his shows if they disagree with any of his opinions.”

She observed: “That does not tend to help your ratings….I just think you have to pick somebody who hasn’t intentionally alienated half the country, right, if you want the numbers to go up from 26.5 million.”

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