Chris Cuomo’s Wife Defends Bizarre ‘Holistic’ Coronavirus Remedies

Wikimedia Commons, By chrisweger

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s wife is now being forced to defend the bizarre ‘holistic’ home remedies she has advocated for to treat Coroanvirus. As The New York Post reports:

The self-described “wellness worshiper” received backlash after sharing a list of homeopathic treatments in a blog post on the website, the Purist.

In it, she admitted to taking a bath with ¼ of a cup of Clorox added to the water–as recommended by Linda Lancaster, her homeopathic doctor. She also listed pricey medicines and a $300 vitamin C drip to help boost immunity.

Many readers commented that the treatments were only available to a “privileged” population.

In an interview with People, Cristina addressed the controversy and she’s “aware that what I am about to talk about are remedies for people who are already in a privileged situation—we have a roof over our head, enough food to eat and clean drinking water, and not everyone has that,” adding, “There’s a huge opposition against holistic medicine, I get that.”

While the mainstream media continues to make false accusations that the President is spreading ‘fake news’ over the Coronavirus, it seems that they have no problem giving one of their own a pass when it comes to promoting quack remedies to stop the virus.

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