NFL Player Devlin Hodges Attacked For Old Tweets Supporting Trump

Pittsburg Steelers player Delvin Hodges became the target for online harassment from unhinged liberals and social justice warriors after old tweets of him praising Presidient Trump surfaced.

This is the first time Hodges has been attacked publicly for his Trump support and its unclear whether the criticism may end up disrupting his on-field performance.

As Fox News reports:

While Hodges may have been ecstatic about getting the start, he quickly became the target of social media trolls who resurfaced his past tweets – mostly about President Trump. The Samford product was caught deleting the tweets about Trump, but Twitter users saved the receipts.



The first-year player the latest target over his support for Trump.

Earlier this year, rookie defensive end Nick Bosa was chided over his tweets about Trump and his opinions on Colin Kaepernick. The San Francisco 49ers ended up drafting him and team president Al Guido said the tweets had no impact on the team selecting him with the No. 2 pick of the draft.

Rudolph was also hit earlier this year for his apparent support for Trump.


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