Report: Prince Harry Accused Of Trying To Profit Off His His Mother’s Death

Prince Harry is reportedly in talks with Wallstreet giant Goldman to form what potentially may turn into a billion dollar empire. As The New York Post reports:

Prince Harry is reportedly in talks with banking giant Goldman Sachs — the start of what a PR guru predicts could be a billion-dollar empire.

The Duke of Sussex — who is believed to have been paid more than $1 million to attend a recent summit hosted by JP Morgan — first held talks with Goldman Sachs in November, according to the Mirror.

It suggests the 35-year-old prince and his wife, Meghan Markle, 38, were considering their financial futures months before their stunning January announcement that they were quitting the royal family, the paper notes.

Potentially, the talks could be to get Harry as the latest high-profile speaker at the bank’s “Talks at GS” series, the UK paper notes. Speakers are not paid for their appearance, but sources told the Mirror that it will pave the way for a lucrative future relationship. Previous speakers have included stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and business leaders such as Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston.

Harry and Meghan’s shameless courting of big buisness has reportedly come as an alarming development to many royal insiders, who are afraid it will likely sully the royal family’s image. Something it appears niether Harry or Meghan are particularly concerned about.

Media personality Piers Morgan had an even more brutal take on the matter accusing him of exploiting his late mother Princess Diana’s death in order to profit. (The Daily Mail)

But Harry’s not the only person to ever lose a parent when he was young. It’s sadly happened to many millions of people, including me – my father died when I was one.

And there’s a big difference between talking about it to raise public awareness of grief-related mental health issues – and doing it privately for a big fat fee to a bunch of super-rich bankers, business tycoons, politicians and celebrities.

By commercially exploiting his mother’s death to make vast pots of money like this, Harry is surely behaving in exactly the same way he professes to despise from the media?

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