Stray Dog Saves Abandoned Baby’s Life

Baby found after being carried by a stray dog in Tripoli, Lebanon. Newsflash.
Baby found after being carried by a stray dog in Tripoli, Lebanon. Newsflash.

The heartrending tale of a homeless dog in Tripoli, Lebanon, saving an abandoned baby girl has gripped the world. The series of events came to light on Wednesday when a passerby discovered the loyal canine guarding a dark garbage bag emitting faint cries near a government building.

The passerby promptly intervened, rescuing the child from the grim situation. With prompt action and care, the infant was initially transported to the Islamic Hospital by the kindhearted rescuer. For further critical medical intervention, she was transferred to the Tripoli Government Hospital.

Images shared on social media depicted the child’s plight, showcasing visible marks and reddened bruises adorning her fragile body. There’s a lack of consensus regarding her age, with some claiming she’s around four months old, while others suggest she was deserted a few hours post-birth.

News of the rescue spurred an overwhelming response on social media, with several individuals expressing a readiness to adopt the infant. This incident has served as a poignant reminder of the deep-rooted compassion that exists in humanity.

Despite the horrifying circumstances, the baby girl’s condition is described as serious but stable, offering hope for her recovery. For the Islamic New Year, public institutions, including the hospital, have refrained from sharing additional details, adhering to the day’s celebratory customs.

Authorities have initiated an inquiry into the incident, seeking those accountable for this distressing act. Journalist Ghassan Rifi speculated online if the child had been abandoned to lure predatory dogs or as a cry for help.

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