Tiger Woods Gets Some Legendary Backup

Tiger Woods has been under fire for his refusal to attack President Trump. His comments on respecting the office of the president no matter who holds it was not good enough for the liberal media. But Tiger is getting some legendary backup.

According to Fox News:

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus backed Tiger Woods’ comments about respecting the President of the United States in an interview Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

Woods shot down questions over the weekend about his relationship with President Trump, urging people to respect the office of the president, while declining to comment on political matters.

At the end of a tournament in New Jersey, Woods was asked if he had anything to say regarding his “friendly relationship” with Trump.


“No matter who’s president — whether it was Barack Obama or Donald Trump — I think you respect the office, and I’m much in Tiger’s camp on that,” he said.

Nicklaus is a golfing legend and apparently a man of reason. Tiger took the high road and so did Jack, the liberal media just decided that it wasn’t good enough.


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