Amid Backlash, Crocs No Longer Sponsoring Children’s Drag Show

Amid pushback from many across social media, Crocs chose to pull their sponsorship “RuPaul’s DragCon UK.”

In late December, RuPaul’s DragCon UK announced that Crocs will be cosponsoring a drag show in London. The drag show not only allowed children, but they also made an emphasized point to have children as the main target demographic, as they featured a “kids zone” and “Drag Queen Story Time.”

Libs of TikTok posted an advertisement for the event on Twitter, showing that “Kids Fashion Show” was part of the advertising, asking children if they want to “walk the runway?” This sparked backlash from many, and after pushback, Crocs decided to pull out of the event.

Of course, many were upset with Crocs’ decision to pull out of the event as well. There appears to be no winning with a situation like this, and when Crocs decided to make their position on children’s involvement with drag queens known, then, chose to pull back their support in an effort to preserve their business, both sides of the political aisle were left angered by their move.

Don’t count this as a win quite yet, as the children’s T.V. show “Teletubbies” still performed and had a meet and greet at Dragcon. It’s unclear why drag queen events appear to have a concerted effort in attempting to have an audience of children attend their events, however, their motives can be assumed.

The target demographic for Teletubbies is children under the age of five years old.

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