BET Founder Demands 14 Trillion In Reparations As Riots Rage Across America

BET founder Robert Johnson is now calling for 14 Trillion dollars to be given to African Americans as reparations for slavery.

Johnson’s call comes as the nation is convulsed with rioting and lawlessness unseen in decades.

As The Daily Wire reports:

The founder of Black Entertainment Television says the federal government should pay out $14 trillion to black Americans as reparations for slavery.

Robert Johnson, a billionaire, said Monday on CNBC that the wealth disparity in the U.S. and police brutality against blacks are the cause of violent protests across the country. To fix the problem, pay out trillions, Johnson said.

“Now is the time to go big,” he said. “Wealth transfer is what’s needed. Think about this. Since 200-plus-years or so of slavery, labor taken with no compensation, is a wealth transfer. Denial of access to education, which is a primary driver of accumulation of income and wealth, is a wealth transfer.”

Johnson said reparations would be the “affirmative action program of all time,” delivering a message to white Americans that “damages … are owed” for slavery and the decades of racism that followed.



  1. What a freaking idiot! Just because you developed BET you think you can DEMAND anything!
    You don’t see WET out there anywhere. Talk about racism!

    • Really blame the whole country for something we have nothing to do with! How many of those who were inslaved are still alive today and the people who inslaved them! A big fat ZERO!

    • nice one. How about reparations to white people because our ancestors crossed the plains and opened the whole country, facing death and famine and Indians attacking. How about for Indians, they got here first. This is life…

      • You are right about Native Americans, Chinese, Irish all were slaves at one time. Most of the Blacks that were brought here as slaves were sold by other Blacks in Africa. So as soon as they start paying and the demoncraps
        pay for this also. Some of these idiots need to learn their history, but it’s being taken out of our schools so our young people will listen to the demoncraps because they tell them, like the ILLEGALS and they can’t see that the demoncraps are using them.

  2. I DIDN’T RIOT. Why didn’t he demand action from the mayors and governors? I wouldn’t give this riot crap one damn dime and I sure wouldn’t give money to any agency that is going to bail the rioters out. I am sympathetic to Mr. Floyd. I hope the cop fries. But that’s it. RIOTING is on your heads Mr. BET.

  3. have you lost your mine in such time as this? why don’t you give up the money you’ve accumulated after some many years…

  4. Another brain-dead Leftist heard from. Wealth transfer is the death of free enterprise and the middle class. How did Mr. Johnson acquire his network and wealth? Did someone voluntarily “transfer” a few million to him? He’s listed as a billionaire. Good, he can voluntarily transfer his wealth.

    • Great points. Mr. BET needs to pay out reparations to the property owners these rioters are destroying. Reparations is a Democrat talking point that only resonates in the black community mainly because they are always looking for hand outs. Mr. Johnson is a good example of what anyone can accomplish in the United States. So, reparations are not needed for anyone to succeed in this country. But, to allow rioters to destroy businesses without recuperations is insanity. The answer is for police and national guard to stop anyone setting fires to businesses and property damage; at any cost. Just today, the liberal element of the Republican Party (former president G.W. Bush) came out and said he was on the side of the rioters. Just goes to show what kind of president he was. Remember, he was responsible for giving us John Roberts on the Supreme Court; a total disaster. G.W. Bush was a globalist who believed in one world order; like his father George H.W. Bush. However, what is happening in the USA today is being financed by George Soros and the Democrat Party. Antifa is also financed by the Democrat Party; that is why they must be defeated. Everything bad that happens to our country was done by the Democrat Party. Remember, they gave us KKK, slavery, and many of the wars we have been in.

      • Well said, and again hard earned taxpayer dollars will be used to restore these communities which rioters have burned or caused damage to. Say no at the polls this November.

    • Democrats are the tax and spend Party. Always has been and always will be. They also are the Party of Alinsky, the community organizer (which Obama copied) who had 12 rules (actually 13 here) to follow in order to turn the country into a socialist state.
      1. “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”
      2. “Never go outside the expertise of your people.”
      3. “Whenever possible go outside the expertise of the enemy.”
      4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
      5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
      6.”A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
      7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
      8. “Keep the pressure on.”
      9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
      10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
      11. “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside.”
      12. “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
      13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

      • I was nearly crucified for arguing these “rules” were contrary to our national interests and security at the time… that was during my college days back in 1975 shortly after I got out of the Army.

        Today? I’d probably be shot on the spot. IMHO

        KAG2020! TRUMP2020!

  5. The only people who deserve reparations are the NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS> None more…
    These crazy blacks have had everything in this world, but, use anything they have the wrong way. This is why they are still doing what they are doing.

    Let’s talk about reparations for the White’s also, because, 58% of whites are killed by BLACK officers & nothing done. No words of any kind for those 58% abused white killings by Black officers…..

    • Blondie you are so right. look at history of the Native Americans of Northern Michigan, the black soldiers helped to force them off their land.

    • Don’t think the native Indians are in need of much help from North Americans at this point.
      First thing that should happen is to ensure the Native Americans get a FAIR share of the Casino Profits from their Brothers.
      Not sure that is really happening.

  6. Here is my answer to this Blow Hard…..get the money from your KKK founding, started a Civil War over wanting to keep blacks in slavery, Democrap bunch….A Republican freed slaves and MLK and his family are Republican. Stop voting Democrap if you want to get off the plantation….
    I don’t owe you a thing. I nor any family that I know of never owned slaves…..they were poor themselves….

    • Kdub, that is great advice to the blacks of our country. Will they follow it? Most will not because they still live and trust the Democrat plantation of welfare and rhetoric lies the Democrat media constantly sell them. I echo your comment about white Americans, we never owned slaves. There is no one alive today who was a slave or who owned slaves. We need to realize this and stop any story of reparations. The media constantly sell the myth about racism; which there is very little left in our country. Most people alive today, only want to live in peace and liberty for all. Also, another myth the media spreads is that black people can not be racist; they can be haters of whites as much as whites can be haters of blacks. We need to just get alone and support each other in pursuit of happiness.

    • Yeah he will right after all the liberal elites in Hollywood…….
      He could sponsor how many inner city kids and put them through college, or help families get out of the ghetto but like the rest of the liberal elites they dont want them in their neighborhood

  7. Not one American alive today ever held a slave.
    Not one black person in America today has ever been a slave in America.

    So, if this asshat finds a slave or a slaveholder somewhere in some other country, let him go for it. Let him demand reparations for that slave in that country.

    And, go take a royal flush cause I’ll never pay a cent for a crime I didn’t commit.

    Oh that’s right, we’ve all been paying for forever in welfare benefits, foodstamps, and all kinds of freebies for these gimmes.

    • Don’t confuse their agenda with the facts. That said, I know plenty of “minority” folks who aren’t toeing that “liberal”, “give me everything” line. I’m pretty sure this BET founder, Robert Johnson isn’t one of them. He not only seems to be toeing the line, he also wants to own it. But then again, being as he’s been tasked as the czar of the liberal, “we want free stuff” crowd he’s just doing his job.

      A “cop out”, I know…

      KAG2020! TRUMP2020!

  8. Maybe look back and figure out where things went wrong, when the black family unit fell apart, when democraps came in and sold “free” money to mothers who werent married buthad babies. Back in the day both whites and blacks had family units,church,morals

  9. I just wonder what this guy thinks Lyndon Johnson’s well-fair programs have been about for the last 50 years or so—sure seems like “reparations” to me. But then, this guys just ANOTHER Democrat Nancy Pelosi flunky living in a make believe LA-LA-LAND !!!

  10. I am 88 years old and have seen it all…….school busing….Equal rights helping minorities with small business loans free w no interest ,,.. minorities have more PRIVILAGES

  11. How much has been paid out in welfare, housing, food stamps, phones, etc. since the 1960’s? BET it’s more than $14 trillion.


  12. Hmmmmm……..Let him START on the Continent of AFRICA!!!! Does this MORON actually think that white people went to Africa and ‘chased’ blacks all over the place to enslave them???? He might want to get EDUCATED on wtf happened, which was, BLACKS SOLD OTHER BLACKS INTO SLAVERY!!!!! And BLACKS SELLING OTHER BLACKS INTO SLAVERY is STILL HAPPENING, as I am TYPING THIS, this very second on the Continent of AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Perfect comment. The facts hurt hence, he won’t listen to them. And like you said “as I am TYPING THIS” it’s still happening. Slaves are still a salable commodity on that Continent of Africa.

  13. Smh Robert why? You were doing fine getting behind trump when he signed over $100 billion for creating economic opportunity zones in minority communities. Now you’re pulling the same BS Isaiah Washington is doing with reparations. Cmon now can you imagine the genealogical nightmare and accounting the go to would have to piece together to get that done?

  14. What slave ship did he come over on? Would he prefer his ancestor was not brought to this country? How much of his billions will he give to the poor blacks? Does his being a billionaire prove blacks have opportunity in this country? The formula for success in this country for most people is: get a good education; stay out of trouble with the law; work hard; don’t start having babies until you are married; contribute to society–bring value to the marketplace,

  15. Your grandparents turned any benifits so you are just beating a dead horse. Just forget it I do not owe you anything. My grandparents never owned blacks, so I do not owe you anything.

  16. Hmmmm the FIRST Slave Owner, according to what records I could locate was actually BLACK, who had sued an Indentured Servant to maintain his servitude beyond what the individual believed was his indenture contract. The individual was made his slave by the court. BOTH people were black. So, since a Black Man started Slavery in North America……

    • Yup…. and when the first black slave’s black owner died his race was used in determining whether to give his property (including his indentured servant-slave) to a white or a black “owner”. In the late 1600’s the deceased owner’s property was awarded to a white man because the original (deceased) black owner (who had served his full indenture and had obtained his own level of wealth in the colony) was not recognized as a citizen of the colony BECAUSE he was black. That particular transfer was ordered by a colonial judge at the time. Nearly four centuries later and we’re still wrestling with that terrible decision. IMHO

      KAG2020! TRUMP2020!

      • An aside… we’ve moved well beyond those decisions made over 300 years ago. It appears to me that those who are calling for reparations today who aren’t indentured, haven’t been indentured like their ancestors were are failing their forefather’s expectations. Absent any obvious, justifiable evidence that would suggest a remedy of retribution, there doesn’t seem to be any moot point to the discussion. It’s over with… at least for me. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Bobby!

        KAG2020! TRUMP2020!

        KAG2020! TRUMP2020!

  17. They have looted and burned their reparations already, now they should get busy paying taxes to repair the country.

  18. i dont believe any white people in the last 150 years have owned any slaves

  19. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the left has been extorting money from me all my working life, through a punitive tax system. They have been extorting my living wage I actually sweated and bleed for and used in the their vote by gimme schemes and stole the entire social security trust fund and gave it away. There’s your reparations you race baiting libertard moon bats.

  20. My feeling is, if this BS keeps up with this reparations s–h, round them all up and send them back to Africa. That’s my answer to reparations.

  21. America has already paid $20+ Trillion to “level the playing” which was LBJ’s “Great Society” goal. It failed miserable and we’re still suffering from most of the useless programs.

    Someone should do the math as the $14 Trillion would divvy out to about $2,000 per Black “family unit”. It will only drive up the price of illicit street drugs and will probably be poked up the nose in a month . . . . drug gangs will be very pleased with this 100% ignorant program; i.e., Reparations 2.

  22. Here’s my question: Who is going to pay for it? Billionaires? Good, let’s start with HIS fortune, and then give him back his share of the reparations.

    But seriously — who pays? Asians? American Indians? Hispanics? People whose ancestors come to America after 1865? Union Civil War soldier descendants? Black Africans who arrived after 1865? Mixed race people?

    Similar problems pop up when considering who should GET the reparations.

    One thing’s for sure — it would INCREASE — not decrease — racial animosity.

    The other sure thing? Five years later, the complaint will be that the amount of the reparations was too low. MORE reparations will be demanded.

    Demands like this bozo makes pleases the KKK and other white supremacist groups. They know it will aid their moribund recruiting efforts.

    • No one will pay for it. It shouldn’t happen. It’s been “paid for” plenty of times over the years.

      KAG2020! TRUMP2020!

  23. For being so Rich he is stupid, so tell me how much should you pay Mexicans Indians
    that lived in California, arizona, new mexico, texas? when they were displaced and robbed.
    Things and events that happened IN THE PAST are just that. think before you talk Sir.
    The German government pay the Jewish people, and etc really

  24. All the civil war dead men alone paid all the reparations. Needed. Johnson Great Society paid it again. No one living today ever owned a slave. So who is supposed to pay reparations today. No One. And remember it was Lincoln and the Republicans that freed the slaves.

  25. BET founder. Let him use his own money to pay them. He’s using an abusing black to make his millions so let him pay.
    Very few if and people that were slaves are still living.
    None of the others have done a damn thing to earn any reparations of any kind.

  26. So.. there is to be a tribal (race) war. It will be horrendous but let’s get it on. Before you start it, Mr. Johnson, remember the lessons of Rowanda both of who wins and of what happens to the losers..

  27. Yep that figures the ones saying lets get over racism are the ones fuleing the fire with insane shit they consider to be the stopper for it well fule on .you will never get over it by keeping it alive with your bitter self centered crap you problem your choice get over it

  28. Does that mean he’s traveling to Africa to collect from the descendants of those who SOLD THEIR OWN PEOPLE to the European slave traders?

  29. Slavery in our country ended 136 years ago. I’ve never met someone who was a slave 136 years ago. Currently the people in southern Sudan are enslaved by the muslims living in the northern part of Sudan but that is on the other side of our world. None of my ancesters owned slaves and I’ve never owned a slave. Everyone living in our country today has had the same opportunity to advance and become very wealthy and owning a slave has been a crime for well over 136 years. In view of these statistics it is impossible to accept the claim that Americans of African descent whose ancesters were slaves over 136 years ago should receive reparations in 2020. There are many people living today whose ancestors were slaves over 136 years ago and they are quite wealthy. Should they be asking for reparations too?

  30. Well then I guess that means all people of Irish and German decent should get repreations also since most were indentured servants. All I know is if one , just one, black, can show me they are or were a slave, I’d say pay them.

  31. Why doesn’t he give his money for reparations since he is the founder of black entertainment and is rolling in dough. Help his people out. My relatives came as indentured servants because they had no money to pay for the boat trip here. Luckily farmers paid for them and they farmed the farmers lands until they paid back the loans. Nobody has paid my family for enforced labor to get here and working where they didn’t want to. When free they headed for NY and the industrial plants and made a good life. Of course now there are no industrial plants for anyone to make a good life for themselves thanks to the democrat climate changers who closed the plants down by demanding they clean everything up now when the plants were barely making a profit to keep the plants open at the time. The democrats behind this crap need to pay for the plants they closed down and ruined millions of black and white lives. Just pointing out history that affected everybody thanks to the damn sneaky democrats who founded KKK to keep blacks and poor whites in line. Also, the nearby city is still in the hands of the democrats becoming vacant as people in the city move to the surrounding suburbs where republicans are in charge and businesses are still alive.

  32. the only affirmative action he can do is to pay the 14trillion he’s expecting and wants to be paid to african americans for reparations and give all his wealth away to africans americans cuz that’s his problems!!! such a idiot!!!

  33. If you gave them all they ask for in about 30 days they would be back asking for more because it would never be enough.

  34. How much of that money should go the the Irish and Scott slaves descendants, OH, wait I forgot we’re not a bunch of whiny wimps. Maybe Mr. Johnson should make that demand of the Spanish, Portuguese and English since they are the countries that brought the slaves here!

  35. I find it nearly inconceivable that Robert Johnson, a very smart man, really believes that any amount of money will satiate the Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or their sibling groups. These groups want total political control of the US. They will stop demanding at no lesser gain. People supporting these groups are supporting anti-American revolution. Robert Johnson has made his fortune marketing to African-Americans. He is trying to burnish his image in front of his market.

  36. Is he getting his money from the Muslim slave traders who sold the slaves (only 9%) to America?
    If America is such a racist country, why are mixed marriages and their offspring allowed in America?

  37. The lives of 600,000 civil war soldiers who died in battle freeing the slaves is all the reparations needed!

  38. If THEY get reparations… then I WANT reparations too. I’m a Christian and my ancestors were thrown to the lions. They didn’t GET free meals, they WERE the meals, for the lions.

  39. My never owned a slave, my family history has never owned a slave, and you ask me to give my hard earned funds to many free loaders ? We spent billions to trillions on programs for the black community at the cost to the white community. I know few black individuals, but the ones I do know, are like me, good hard working individuals. Our fullback oh high school (1963-1966) was black, one one on our team. He once stated, he’s glad his long dead great grandfather was a slave. This gave him the opportunity to play football, and if good enough to play in college and the pros. If this never happened, most likely he’d be somewhere in Africa chasing a rabbit for dinner ! Personally I find his statement refreshing, never asking for a handout, but only for an opportunity to excel.

  40. There has not been a slave or slave owner in 157 years. No one since than has been a slave or owned a slave. Why would people who have owned slaves have to pay for those who did ans have bee dead for over 100 years? You must be smoking some strong weed. I own no one anything due to slavery. Blacks today do not deserve anything from anyone or the government because they were never slaves. But they have been convinced that they are victims and that is a lie too. They democrats keep telling them they are victims of slaveey they have not been in 157 years. Actually, if you stop living in the past that you were never a part of, you will realize that you overcame slavery because the Republicans voted to abolish slavery. The DEMOCRATS DID NOT. And yet you still listen to the lies they spew. You are not victims of slavery. They have been dead for about 100 years. If you need to dig up their dead bones and ask for pay back from them, feel free but you are still going to get NOTHING BECAUSE YOU WERE NEVER A SLAVE.

  41. the only people enslaved more than native americans are the jews–the only ‘reparations’ they ever requested was the return of their stolen property from the ww2 era. . .they embraced education and hard work, knowing that was the path to success, gaining acceptance and a seat at the table. . .merit–not victimhood–is elemental in their culture.

    the jews, probably more than any other ethnicity, have tried to show a-a’s the way. . .some have found the way on their own. some never will–victimhood is too easy and too sweet.

    there’s a popular phrase–if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it–it’s good that we’ve arrived at a place where all sides can now claim it is broke and air grievances, once the anarchists peter out. . .and we ALL have them.

  42. Guess he should march himself right over to the Motherland, and demand reparations from all the folks whose ancestors sold each other to the Europeans. Then he can go hit up the muslim countries to make sure they pay their share, too – they STILL enslave blacks.

    If he’s still alive after that – he needs to make things right by demanding that Egypt should hand out a few trillion to the Jews for their enslavement. They will really go for that, I’m sure.

    • Oh, and let’s not forget the Holy Roman Empire – how many millions of non-compliant slaves did they torture, murder, and feed to lions for entertainment?


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