Friday Update: Britney Spears Investigated For Attacking Housekeeper, Nicole Kidman Under Fire For Skipping Quarantine, Michael Keaton Says Actors Should Keep Quiet About Politics Despite Doing The Opposite

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We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

Here’s what happened today:



Britney Spears has been accused of battery for allegedly striking a staff member and knocking the woman’s phone to the ground.  

According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, Spears’ housekeeper called police to the popstar’s home on Monday, after the “Oops… I Did It Again” singer became violent during a dispute when the employee tried to take one of her dogs to the vet out of concern for the pup’s welfare. 

Her lawyer denied that the allegations were true on Thursday.

“This is nothing more than sensational tabloid fodder – an alleged misdemeanor involving a ‘he said she said’ regarding a cell phone, with no striking and obviously no injury whatsoever,” the statement said. “Anyone can make an accusation. This should have been closed immediately.”

“The Sheriff’s office itself has said the incident was classified as a ‘very minor misdemeanor…’ and said ‘there were no injuries,’” her lawyer remarked.  



Hong Kong residents are furious that Aussie actress Nicole Kidman was granted a quarantine exemption, so she would be able to immediately film her new Amazon Prime Video series “Expats.”

Hong Kong waived a restriction that requires people traveling from other countries to quarantine for 14 to 21 days, depending on their origin’s level of virus risk. 

“The case in discussion has been granted permission to travel to Hong Kong with a quarantine exemption for the purpose of performing designated professional work, taking into account that it is conducive to maintaining the necessary operation and development of Hong Kong’s economy,” the government said in a statement.

“So we have HK residents who can’t come back if not vaccinated (and even then with 2-3 weeks quarantine) but Nicole Kidman can just enter like this? It’s disgusting!” a Twitter user criticized. 



Former NBA star Lamar Odom said that he did not voluntarily consume drugs on the night of his near-fatal overdose at a Las Vegas brothel in 2015.

“I didn’t take anything that night,” he alleged. “I was really hurt and almost in some sense afraid because somebody just tried to take my life.”

He has previously claimed that the Love Ranch brothel’s now-deceased owner, Dennis Hof, or one of his staff members, was responsible for drugging him that night.  

“I think Dennis Hof… I don’t know what he had against me, but I didn’t do drugs that night, to be honest with you,” Odom said in 2019. “So I don’t know if he tried to poison me, or … I don’t know what he had against me. He tried to kill me.” 



Actor Michael Keaton said he declines to speak out about politics often because his fame can overshadow the politicians he supports.  

“I learned a long time ago, you do more damage because you’re famous,” Keaton explained. “I’ve told people, you don’t want me there. They’ll go, ‘Well of course he brought his Hollywood friend.’ You know what people forget? We all were just some person somewhere in Cincinnati or f—ing Ottawa or f—ing Cleveland.”

Despite the statement, he had no problem criticizing Donald Trump during the 2020 election, when he called for the former president to take the “very patriotic” route and resign in August, then declared that Biden shouldn’t participate in debates after their first match-up. 

Keaton’s next project, “Worth,” is so far removed from politics that it’s produced by the Obama’s, and centers on the attorney that was tasked with dispersing the $7 billion Sept. 11 Victims Compensation Fund.

“Without sounding really pretentious,” he said contrarily. “I have a job that might actually change something, or at least make people think about something, or feel something. So, when I saw it, I thought, ‘This is a good thing. This one, for sure. We all, if you have a pulse, were impacted by 9/11.’”  



The attorneys handling Tom Girardi’s law firm’s bankruptcy case have found that his estranged wife, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Erika Jayne, spent $25 million dollars in American Express charges from 2008 to 2020 that were paid for on his company’s dime. 

Girardi is embroiled in an embezzlement scandal for allegedly misappropriating money intended for plane crash victims to fund his and Jayne’s extravagant lifestyle. Though she filed for divorce from Girardi in November 2020, a judge ruled that Jayne could be forced to pay back victims the money she received from the firm.  

A lawyer representing the trustee overseeing the bankruptcy case said Jayne owes the law firm more than $28 million for the charges and interest. Her attorney said the allegations were a “reckless publicity grab” and “none of the payments and no money whatsoever went to Erika.” 

In Jeopardy


Controversial new “Jeopardy!” host Mike Richards is in hot water over comments he made as host of a podcast in 2013 and 2014, when he referred to his female co-host as a “booth ho,” “boothstitute” and “booth s**t.” 

He also made disparaging racial remarks against Jewish people, specifically in reference to a woman’s nose. “Ixnay on the ose-nay. She’s not an ew-Jay,” he remarked.

Richards issued a statement of apology over his commentary. “It is humbling to confront a terribly embarrassing moment of misjudgment, thoughtlessness, and insensitivity from nearly a decade ago,” Richards simpered. “Looking back now, there is no excuse, of course, for the comments I made on this podcast and I am deeply sorry.”

“Jeopardy!” parent, Sony, said they were unaware of the podcast until Wednesday, and had no comment on the matter.  

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1 year ago

They all need to just keep their opinions to themselves! They are no better then anyone working for a living in this country! They think because they are so called movie stars that their opinion matters more then ours and the left wing news just makes it much more worse!

Monica T. Goodin
Monica T. Goodin
1 year ago


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