Joe Rogan Stuns: Dramatic Flip on Trump Revealed

Photo illustration of Joe Rogan and Donald Trump.
Photo illustration of Joe Rogan and Donald Trump.

Change in Rogan’s Attitude Towards Trump

  • Joe Rogan, famed podcaster, shows signs of reconsidering his earlier refusal to host former President Donald Trump on his program, ‘Joe Rogan Experience’.
  • In response to an inquiry from Patrick Bet-David during the episode aired on August 3, Rogan hinted towards a possible invitation to Trump, marking a potential departure from his earlier position.

“I don’t know. Maybe,” Rogan responded, “At a certain point in time.”

Trump’s Persistent Attempt to Appear on Rogan’s Podcast

  • Despite Rogan’s repeated refusal to host him, the Trump campaign has remained persistent, given the significant platform provided by Rogan’s podcast.
  • The show has approximately 11 million listeners and is known for its unfiltered dialogues, spanning across various political perspectives.

Potential Topics for Trump’s Appearance

  • If Trump does appear on Rogan’s podcast, Rogan intends to steer away from political agendas and instead discuss Trump’s experiences during his presidency.

“It would be interesting to hear his perspective on a lot of things,” Rogan said. “I would like to know, what is it like when you actually get into office? I would like to know things like, what is it like versus perception? What is it actually like when you get in that building? Like what are you greeted with? When do you know that people are f***ing with you?”

Adding, “When do you know that the intelligence agencies are lying to you, like when you decided to fire Comey? What was the thought? How much did you know? Like what’s the machine like? What is the deep state really like? Really like?”

  • The discussion would potentially cover intriguing topics such as Trump’s personal encounters with intelligence agencies and his perception of the nation’s bureaucratic machinery.

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