Morgan Wallen Breaks his Months Long Silence After N-Word Controversy

Wikimedia Commons, By lothlaurien, Flickr: Crossover Junction's Musical Instruments,,_Crossover_Junction.jpg

Country singer Morgan Wallen spoke out for the first time about the unfortunate drunken incident that paralyzed his successful music career. 

Wallen’s music was essentially canceled when it was removed from radio stations and music platforms in February after a video surfaced of him calling a white friend the N-word as he returned home from an alcohol-fueled night with his buddies.  

After being suspended by his record label, and disqualified from the American Country Music Awards, fan-funded billboards began popping up around Nashville proclaiming the embattled singer the fan choice for the entertainer of the year ahead of the event. 

The billboards seemingly provoked Wallen to end his silence, which he did with a hand-written letter posted to social media Tuesday, but the message is likely not what die-hard fans were hoping for. 

Wallen, 27, announced that he would not be performing this summer due to his need for continued self-introspection after his time away from the spotlight. 

“I wanted to let you guys know that I’ve taken a couple months away and feel like I’ve really worked on myself. I’m proud of the work I’ve put in, and in many ways thankful to have had the time to do it,” he wrote. “I will always strive to be better. Not only has this time revealed to me the ways in which I want to improve, but it’s also reminded me that I am still very proud of who I am and the man I am becoming.”

“I found this time away to be very valuable to me in many ways, but I feel like I need a little more of it, and therefore will not be performing tour dates this summer,” he continued. “It means I won’t be playing festivals or the Luke Bryan tour dates. But it’s important to me personally, if you can still go to the shows and support country music. Country music is back and that’s a beautiful damn thing.”

Wallen concluded the letter with the positive note that he was back in Nashville, getting back into the groove. “My story is far from over and getting back out to see y’all is all I can think about. So just know you’ll be seeing me sooner than later.”

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