Redskins Revival: Fans Push for Washington’s Original Name

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Public Domaine.
Former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Public Domaine.

Demand for Team Name Reversal

  • The Native American Guardian’s Association (NAGA) urges the Washington Commanders (formerly the “Washington Redskins” and “Washington Football Team”) to revert to their former name, the Redskins.
  • A petition backing the name change has collected over 90,000 signatures.
  • NAGA emphasizes the importance of recognizing Native American history and opposes being targets of cancel culture or ESG.
  • Some speculate that a name change might also be a move to distance from the previous owner’s controversial period.

Ownership and Leadership Response

  • The request for a name change has been directed at the Commanders’ key figures including new owners Josh Harris and Magic Johnson, and head coach Ron Rivera.
  • The franchise has an opportunity to acknowledge the history and value of American Indians.
  • The team had previously changed its name in 2020 to the Washington Football Team, later adopting the Commanders name in 2022.

Background and History of NAGA

  • NAGA is a non-profit organization led by a board of Native Americans.
  • The association promotes increased education about Native Americans, especially in educational institutions.
  • They also strive for broader recognition of Native American heritage through public platforms like sports.
  • The name change to the Commanders had initially been a response to pressure, aiming to move away from the previous owner, Dan Snyder’s, troubled time with the team.

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