Stevie Wonder And Alabama Coach Nick Saban Urge Manchin To Vote With Dems

By Carol M. Highsmith - Library of CongressCatalog: download: url:, Public Domain,

Legendary musician Stevie Wonder and University of Alabama head Coach Nick Saban pressed Democratic holdouts to vote with their party on the upcoming election bills.

Wonder released a video on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, calling on Democratic holdouts Sen. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.), to support the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, Freedom to Vote Act, and to abolish the filibuster. 

“Any senator who cannot support the protection of voting rights in the United States of America cannot say that they support the Constitution,” he said. “Stop the hypocrisy, cut the bull-tish.” 

“If you care and support our rights, do the hard work,” the “Superstition” singer continued. “You can’t please everybody, but you can protect all of us. And to keep it all the way real: The filibuster is not working for democracy. Why won’t you?”


Saban, along with NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West, and three others sent an open letter to Manchin last week, “urging Congress to exercise its Constitutional responsibility to enact laws that set national standards for the conduct of Federal elections and for decisions that determine election outcomes.”

They want Manchin to support The Freedom To Vote Act, which they pointed out that he sponsored, to “protect the rights of voters and the integrity of outcomes in all Federal elections.” 

The group said they “have been rivals in sports or business,” but are all “certain that democracy is best when voting is open to everyone on a level playing field; the referees are neutral; and at the end of the game the final score is respected and accepted.”

The letter accuses Republican politicians of trying to “secure partisan advantage by eliminating reliable practices with proven safeguards and substituting practices ripe for manipulation,” through GOP supported state laws that restrict mail-in ballots and require voter ID.  

Both Saban and West, who are West Virginia natives, endorsed Manchin for reelection in 2018, when he defeated Republican state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

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1 year ago

Someone has something on Saban. He is the coach at Alabama, not Stanford. He cannot possibly be stupid enough to believe his bullsh-t on this. In any case I hope every Alabama football fan lets this politically corrupt mutt hear from them.

Leif Knudsen
Leif Knudsen
1 year ago

Why are so many singers and actors dumb as doornails when it comes to politics?
They succumb to the populistic socialist phrases, all lies.

Are they more gullible than more educated people? Do they feel they repent for the enormous wealth they rake in? Who are they kidding? They don’t atone for their wealth by hailing an evil ideology that so far has murdered 120 million humans.

Nolan Raborn
Nolan Raborn
1 year ago

I was always a fan of Nick Saban! No longer. I am glad he is no longer associated with LSU. Alabama can have him.