U2 Stars Rock Kyiv Metro Station In Surprise Freedom Concert

By MelicansMatkin at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7871166

U2’s singer Bono and guitarist The Edge rocked a subway station in Ukraine’s war torn capital of Kyiv on Sunday.

“President @ZelenskyyUa invited us to perform in Kyiv as a show of solidarity with the Ukrainian people and so that’s what we’ve come to do,” the band’s official page tweeted on Sunday. “Bono and The Edge #StandWithUkraine.”

Shortly after the post, Bono and The Edge appeared at Khreshchatyk metro station and performed U2 hits “With or Without You” and “Angel of Harlem.” 

The Irish musicians were joined by Ukrainian band Antytila and their lead singer Taras Topolia, who gave up his life as a rockstar to fight against the Russian invasion. They sang a cover of “Stand by Me,” but altered the lyrics to croon “Stand by Ukraine.”  


“Your president leads the world in the cause of freedom right now … The people of Ukraine are not just fighting for your own freedom, you’re fighting for all of us who love freedom,” Bono said to the audience. “This evening, 8th of May, shots will ring out in the Ukraine sky, but you’ll be free at last. They can take your lives, but they can never take your pride.” 

U2 recently participated in the Stand Up for Ukraine relief effort last month. 

“The brave people of Ukraine are fighting for their freedom — and for ours — in the face of unspeakable violence and an unjust invasion,” the band remarked

“More than 4 million people, mostly women and children, have had to flee for their lives — a population nearly the size of Ireland. World leaders must stand up and stand by Ukrainians now … those who are fighting and those who have fled … and stand with refugees everywhere who have been forced from their homes and their lands.”

U2’s performance comes after Ukrainian President Zelensky appeared at the Grammys to plead with musicians to use their platforms to support them through the Russian invasion. 

“Fill the silence with your music!” he said in a virtual appearance. “Fill it today to tell our story. Tell the truth about this war on your social networks, on TV. Support us in any way you can. Any — but not silence. And then peace will come.

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