Anti-Trump Off-Broadway Play Flops, Ends Early

An Off-Broadway play that paints an ominous picture of a post-President Trump America is shutting down in New York City after struggling to build an audience in the liberal city.

Building the Wall, written by Tony Award-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan, is closing a month early, the play’s producer Jeffrey Richards told the New York Times.

Schenkkan took to Twitter Friday to announce the play’s “final performances this weekend,” ahead of its original July 9 end date:

The political thriller, according to the Times, follows a history professor named Gloria (Tamara Tunie) who interviews a former security officer named Rick (James Badge Gale). It’s 2019, and President Donald Trump has been removed from office after a terrorist attack in Times Square forces him to declare martial law and place Muslims and Mexicans in containment camps — which eventually turn into killing chambers. Gloria visits Rick in prison, where he explains his hand in the deadly terror.

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