Anti-Trump Parade Attendees Did Something Just Awful With Photos of Melania Trump

Anti-Trump activists posted sveral photos of First Lady Melania Trump on the door of a make-shift outhouse outside Trump Tower, as captured by Getty Images photographer Kevin Hagen. They include one of the First Lady wearing a red swimming suit, with photos next to it displaying Mrs. Trump’s famous naked modeling photos that have been shared online aplenty. One of the photos taped to the outhouse has the famous GQ cover of Melania in the nude resting on a rug, whereas another photo shows Melania naked in a black-and-white photo, with Melania’s arms splayed, touching a wall and looking back at the photographer, as if under arrest.

The photos of Melania in the buff taped to an outhouse are making the news because of the raucous event where they were displayed. As anti-Trump activists marched to Trump Tower in New York on Saturday, April 1, there were plenty of chances for photo ops in front of Trump Tower. The photos of Melania clad only in her birthday suit in some pics and naked in others were nearby a likeness of President Donald Trump as he sat inside the outhouse.

The anti-Trump activists also wore masks of President Trump’s face as they marched past Trump Tower in New York.

The event was titled “New York City’s 32nd Annual April Fools’ Day Parade: It’s a Trumpathon!’” As expected, the April Fools’ Day Parade took place on April 1 and featured the above “float” containing the likenesses of Mr. and Mrs. Trump in and on the outhouse at the event. The float was pulled by hand, propped up on wheels, and hoisted with a rope.

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