Bette Midler Cannot Accept Mueller Report

President Trump was vindicated in the new report released by Mueller, but Bette Midler is not able to accept these results.

According to Fox News:

Despite a summary that special counsel Robert Mueller’s team determined that evidence could not be established that President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election, Bette Midler appeared to be convinced that Trump has gotten away with “crimes.”

In a Sunday evening Twitter post, the 73-year-old singer lambasted the president for forcing the U.S. “to live through war for the last two years.”

“[D]epression, despair, confusion and death,” were also Trump’s fault, according to Midler.

“We’re not just sick at heart, but literally sick from him; from uncontrollable rage at the thought that he will get away with his crimes,” Midler wrote.

Midler joins a long list of celebrities who hoped to see President Trump walked out of the White House wearing handcuffs.

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