Bill Maher Tells Trump Supporter the President is ‘A Giant Con’

Thursday in a preview clip of tonight’s “Messy Truth” town hall hosted by Van Jones, comedian Bill Maher said President Donald Trump’s policies are a “giant con,” and he “makes stuff up.”

Partial transcript as follows:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: The president is in office barely three weeks. Why can’t you guys in the media and Hollywood give him some slack? Let him do his job.

MAHER: Because of what he’s done and said. Slack?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Only three weeks.

MAHER: Three weeks?

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Give him a break.

MAHER: Give him a break? Do you read the news? Do you follow —

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Let him do his job, which is the toughest job on earth.

MAHER: The toughest job on earth has never been done like this. First of all, this is beyond the realm of politics. If you’re just talking about politics — okay let’s pretend it’s just politics. I’d have big problems there because it’s a giant con, what he’s done. He ran for the little man. And then what does he do? He gets into office, the coal companies can dump sludge in the river. Because, you know, that’s what the little man is aching for. Undoing Dodd-Frank, because so many of the town halls in Appalachia, people were standing up and saying, ‘Mr. Trump, please get rid of the Volcker Rule, because if I can’t make certain speculative investments, it’s killing us here.’ So that’s just the political part. We could have a normal conversation about that. But this presidency is not about the political part, even three weeks in. It’s beyond politics, it’s about sanity. It’s about somebody who makes stuff up, who doesn’t read. His information is either anecdotal or pulled right out of his — what word, reverend, should I— his behind. Of course, we’re worried when the president sees multitudes that don’t exist, as in the illegal people, the illegal voting, 3 million. That should bother you, sir. I’m not the crazy one here.

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