CBS Anchor Threatens to Quit

CBS anchor Gayle King is threatening to leave the network over the upheaval amid the sexual misconduct controversies the network is facing.

According to Page Six:

Gayle King is furious about the upheaval at CBS — and could be prepared to walk, Page Six is told.

After Page Six reported that CBS is ready to revamp King’s “CBS This Morning,” we’re told King may not even stay at the network.

“Gayle is furious. She very much has had to hold everything together on the show. But she’s particularly upset that Ryan is leaving — and that he was mistakenly linked with the CBS payoffs,” said an insider, referring to recent reports on Kadro’s exit.

“It remains to be seen what she’ll do, and what her future is at CBS.”

CBS remains hopeful that the top female staffers will be pleased when the report is released about the allegations in the future.

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