Cher Calls For Trump’s Impeachment, Accuses Him Of ‘Stoking Fires Of Hate’

Rapidly aging pop sensation Cher took to Twitter on Monday to blame President Trump the the weekend’s shooting massacres. As Breitbart reports:

Far-left pop icon Cher reacted to the deadly shootings over the weekend by renewing calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment on the grounds that he has stoked “the fires of hate that has lead to mass shootings” which are causing “death, destruction, and despair.”

“I think trump should be impeached for stoking The FiresOf Hate that Has Lead to mass Shootings..HIS WORDS HAVE CAUSED DEATH, DESTRUCTION,,DESPAIR,” the Grammy-winner said to her 3.7 million Twitter followers.

Over the weekend, Cher tweeted a Vox story, which outlines Trump’s supposed “history of racism.” The singer, however, added to Vox’s list, writing, “He Can Now Add Inciting Racism,Leading 2 Mass Shootings 2 His Resume.”

President Trump forcefully condemned white supremacy and racism in an address to the American people Monday, calling them both “sinister ideologies.”

Cher’s unhinged accusations are, per usual, utterly groundless. Still her lack of facts didn’t stop her from unloading lies on Twitter.

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