Comedian Patton Oswald Mocks Protestors Rallying Against Shutdowns

Comedian Patton Oswald attempted to ridicule anti-lockdown protestors by comparing them to famous Holocaust victim Ann Frank. As The Daily Wire reports:

On Saturday, comedian Patton Oswalt mocked protesters angered by the economic hardships brought on by the prolonged lockdowns, comparing them to famed Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

“Anne Frank spent 2 years hiding in an attic and we’ve been home for just over a month with Netflix, food delivery & video games and there are people risking viral death by storming state capital buildings & screaming, ‘Open Fuddruckers!’” the comedian tweeted.

Given Patton Oswalt’s wealth and success, Twitter users trolled the comedian for being insensitive in the face of people’s economic hardships.

“Not everyone can afford Netflix, food delivery & video games due to the economic shutdown…,” tweeted Joey Saladino.

Many other users appeared to join in, but the bigger question is whether the lockdown protests are justified, or whether people should merely do what they are told.

Let us know what you think the right answer is in the comments below.

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