Denis Leary Admits He Knows He Looks Like Kellyanne Conway—And How He’ll Take Advantage of It

Who should play Donald Trump in the inevitable biopic is a tricky one (we chewed over some ideas here), but casting his advisor Kellyanne Conway in it would be very straightforward, if a good likeness is what you’re going for – she’s just Denis Leary.

The comparison between The Amazing Spider-Man actor and the Counselor to the President was made on Twitter this week, attracting a ton of retweets.

Leary himself ended up jumping in, writing: “And I better win a fucking Oscar for this role”.

There’s actually quite a few lookalikes when it comes to Trump’s narrative over the past year, with Paul Ryan bearing a resemblance to Glee’s Matthew Morrison and Ted Cruz being the spitting image of Kevin from The Office.

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