DeSantis Drops Bombshell Challenge To Donald Trump

DeSantis Challenges Trump to One-On-One Debate While Preparing for Showdown with Newsom, Trump Targets Michigan’s Blue-Collar Voters Amidst Biden’s Visit.

DeSantis Proposes Trump Debate

  • Governor Ron DeSantis publicly proposed a one-on-one debate to former President Donald Trump.
  • This proposition surfaced post the absence of Trump at the recent Republican Party primary debate.
  • DeSantis voiced this challenge during a Fox News interview, emphasizing the necessity for Trump to present and defend his case to voters.

Watch Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Challenge Former President Donald Trump To A One-On-One Debate Here:

Upcoming DeSantis-Newsom Debate

  • A debate between DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsom is scheduled for November 30 in Georgia, under the moderation of Fox News.
  • The debate will provide an opportunity for both governors to articulate and defend their political positions and records, as Governor Newsom, while controversial, is a rising star in the Democratic party, and both Governors will likely launch Presidental campaigns at some point in the upcoming 2028 or 2032 Presidental elections.

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