ESPN Admits It Was A Mistake To Enter Politics

ESPN has finally admitted that becoming political was not the best move for the sports channel.

According to The Smokeroom:

ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro seems shockingly self-aware about the network’s problems with getting into politics.

“What I’ve heard consistently from day one of getting this job is the more we lean into politically charged commentary, the more we are alienating not just our core fan, but our casual fan,” Pitaro told John Ourand of Sports Business Journal Wednesday.

I never thought I’d see the day when ESPN finally just came right out and admitted it was being absurdly stupid with its rush towards liberal politics. Well, I was clearly wrong because Pitaro absolutely hit the nail on the head here.

It appeared the network would never pull itself out of the nosedive it’s still arguably in. However, Pitaro seems aware of the problem, which is the first step in fixing it.

It looks like ESPN will be returning to sports programming and moving away from politics. A move that is welcomed but one that may have come too late.

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