Even Jerry Springer is Fired Up About Trump

His debate quip that Clinton deserves the White House and Trump “should be on my show” got 153,000 retweets. Now, Springer has plenty more to say about Trump’s qualifications, emotional fitness, and even his temperament: “The mean-spiritedness of what he says is horrible.”

The most viral tweet to came out of Monday night’s presidential debate came from a seemingly unlikely source: Jerry Springer.

The legendary tabloid talk-show host lit up social media with two brief sentences — “Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show.” — that have since been retweeted more than 153,000 times.

Grabbing the public’s attention is nothing new to the 72-year-old, who will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Jerry Springer Show this Friday. But despite the tawdry reputation of his show, Springer is a man with a serious side — he’s the son of Jewish refugees who fled Nazi Germany (he lost immediate family in the Holocaust), has degrees from Tulane and Northwestern universities, has been active politically (as a Democrat) for decades and has been married to the same woman without drama since 1973.

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