The Father of Madonna’s Adopted Twins is Furious for Being ‘Misled’

The father of the twins Madonna recently adopted from Malawi claims in an explosive interview that he didn’t know the move was permanent.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, Adam Mwale ripped the singer after realizing she had taken his biological twin daughters Esther and Stella, 4, away from his small East African country permanently.

According to Mwale, he believed Madonna, 58, was merely fostering the twins, not adopting them forever.

“I was told from the start that Esther and Stella were going to a rich woman’s home abroad, that she would give them a good education, then return them to me, to live with me and help all of my family.

“Now you are telling me the adoption is permanent,” Mwale raged to the newspaper. “That cannot be true. I don’t want it to be true. I am their father and I will always be their father.”

Mwale denied reports that he had abandoned the twins after their mother died in childbirth.

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