Feud Rumbling Between Megyn Kelly and Her New Cohost

Matt Lauer and his colleague – Megyn Kelly – are often rumored to be feuding, the revelation of their salaries will create even more drama.

This week, Variety confirmed the long-running story that Lauer is the king of morning talk show host making a whopping $25 million per year. The host of “Today” is followed by the co-chair of “LIVE,” Kelly Ripa who brings in $22 million annually. The former Fox News leading lady is cashing in $18 million for her triple role on the Peacock Network.

Earlier this year, Kelly dropped Rupert Murdoch’s network like a hot potato and moved to NBC. Kelly arrived with a bang and a load of drama that included Tamron Hall and Al Roker losing their “Today” hour. Hall subsequently left the network and will have her own morning show that will launch next year. The former attorney has continued to provide the network with controversies with her interviews of Vladimir Putin and far-right radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. While Kelly has a lot of ink being spilled on her behalf, she has not been able to deliver the ratings she was famous for at Fox News.

Kelly’s less than stellar performance and the feud with Jones has Lauer furious and quite frankly embarrassed for the network. A source spoke to In Touch and explained: “Matt thinks this interview gave a platform to an individual who peddles conspiracy theories about dead children. It is a stunt that Megyn would have gotten away with when she was at Fox News, but this is NBC.”

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