Former Fox News Star Makes Big Announcement

Former Fox News star Abby Huntsman has announced that she is pregnant with twins. Huntsman is currently a co-host on ABC’s “The View.”

According to Fox News:

Abby Huntsman and her husband, Jeffrey Livingston, were in for a surprise when they learned they’d be having twins in 2019.

“I knew something was different this time,” Huntsman, 32, who co-hosts the “The View,” told People about heading to the doctor for a pregnancy checkup. “I was actually worried that something was wrong with this pregnancy because I felt sick immediately. I was sick with Isabel (now 13 months), but not until about eight weeks, so I was worried something might have been wrong.”

While the news of twins could brighten anyone’s day, Livingston had a different reaction.

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“When the doctor told us [it was twins], my husband fainted, which was just classic,” Huntsman quipped. “I think he saw two sacs in there and I could see it on his face. He turned white, and then when the doctor told us, he fell. Another doctor had to come in, and they were wiping him down with towels and giving him sugar. I was sitting there with my feet still in the straps. I’m like, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m the one that has to physically do this.’”

Huntsman said she is excited about the pregnancy. She and her husband have one daughter who was born in 2017.

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