Fox News Host Inks New Contract

Fox News host Bret Baier who is fresh off of celebrating an anniversary with the network has signed a new multi-year deal with Fox.

According to Fox News:

Bret Baier, who is fresh off his 10-year anniversary anchoring “Special Report,” signed a new multi-year deal with Fox News Channel, the network announced Tuesday.

Baier will continue as anchor and executive editor “Special Report” and chief political anchor of the network, co-anchoring all 2020 election coverage in the process.

“Bret continues to be the gold standard not only across FNC, but the entire news industry and his reporting has played an integral role in the success and growth of the network. From election nights to his nightly broadcast ‘Special Report,’ Baier brings unparalleled journalistic expertise and political knowledge that our viewers continue to tune in for and we are proud that he will be with us for many years to come,” Fox News President & Executive Editor Jay Wallace said in a statement.

“Special Report” averaged 2.3 million viewers in 2018, the No. 6 program in all of cable news including primetime, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Baier has moderated debates and interviewed top politicians in America and abroad during his tenure with Fox News.

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