Fox News Trolls New York Times With Full-Page Ad

Fox News Channel took a subtle jab at the New York Times on Thursday: The news organization took out a full-page ad in the paper that quotes the Times referring to “Fox & Friends” as the “most powerful TV show in America.” This occurred amid an on-going beef between the two news organizations.

A Fox News insider told TheWrap that the ad is a direct response to a recent Times column that compared “Fox & Friends” to “Dora the Explorer.” The same column that mocked “Fox & Friends” also praised it, referring to the program as the “most powerful TV show in America” and “easily the most-watched cable news morning show.” Fox News execs took the positive portions and turned it into an ad that ran in the Times as well as other outlets.

“Fox & Friends” even discussed the ad on air Thursday morning. Even President Trump weighed in.

“This program, the program you are watching, is, according to ‘The New York Times,’ the most powerful TV show in America,” co-host Steve Doocy said.

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