Gordon Ramsey Attacked by SJW’s for New Restaurant Venture

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is under fire from social justice warriors for his intentions to open an Asian restaurant.

According to The Daily Caller:

According to Fox News, Gordon Ramsey stoked the rage of SJWs on social media by announcing his plans to open an Asian restaurant in London this summer. The restaurant, Lucky Cat, would be opening on the site of his soon-to-be-closed restaurant Maze, which lost a reported £3.8 million last year.

“A revolutionary new venture and concept for the group, the restaurant is set to be an authentic Asian Eating House and a vibrant late-night lounge, inspired by the drinking dens of 1930s Tokyo and the Far East,” said Ramsay’s restaurant group upon announcing the venture. “Just as these nocturnal clubs were once the playground of urban dwellers seeking all things spirited and rebellious, Lucky Cat has woven these notions into the fabric of Lucky Cat, as showcased in everything from the menu concept to the innovative interior design.”

Though Lucky Cat will feature “tofu freak” Ben Orpwood as one of the menu’s contributors, a man with “extensive experience in the realm of Asian cuisine,” SJWs on social media say Lucky Cat is just another example of a white man stealing from Asian culture.

One Twitter user said: “No!!! Another celeb making profits off Asian culture & food without Asians at the table! How authentic can that be?! Gordon Ramsay’s cooking up another restaurant, and some people are not quite sure how he’s going to pull this one off.”

The article also talks about a burrito stand that met its end after being trolled by leftists over their story about how their love for tortillas came about.

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