‘Hamilton’ Star Refuses to Apologize for Lecturing Mike Pence

Hamilton actor Brandon Victor Dixon says he does not plan to apologize to Vice President-elect Mike Pence for lecturing him from the Broadway stage on Friday night.

“There’s nothing to apologize for,” Dixon said during a Monday appearance on CBS This Morning.

“The producers, the creators, and the cast, we recognize that Hamilton is an inherently American story told by the definition of an American community; we are men and women of different colors, creeds, and orientations,” Dixon said. “The resonant nature of the show throughout the world, throughout the global community, demands that we make statements when there are important issues facing us as a community, so we wanted to stand up and spread a message of love and of unity.”

Pence was booed upon entering the Richard Rodgers Theater in New York City, where the popular Broadway musical is performed.

Toward the end of the show, as Pence was exiting the theater, Dixon demanded that Pence listen to his lecture about how a “diverse America” is “alarmed and anxious” about the incoming Trump administration.

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