Harvey Weinstein Accuser Jessica Mann Reveals That He Bragged About Connections To Bill Clinton

Actress Jessica Mann, one of Harvey Weinstein’s rape accusers, revealed on Monday during court testimony that Weinstein used to constantly brag about his high profile connections with former Democrat President Bill Clinton. As The New York Post reports:

One-time aspiring actress Jessica Mann, 34, told Manhattan Supreme Court jurors that the once-powerful producer “loved to tell me that Bill Clinton was his neighbor.”

“He’d talk about all this money he’d raise for big organizations,” she said. “He had a story for most anyone in the world you asked him really, but the biggest one for me was Bill Clinton.”

Mann said she even witnessed Weinstein taking calls from the ex-president.

“The last two [calls] I saw were when [Weinstein] was raising money for Hillary Clinton,” said Mann, who said she maintained a relationship with Weinstein until 2017.

Mann has claimed that Weinstein raped her during an encounter in Mahattan in March of 2013.

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