Harvey Weinstein Suggested Jennifer Aniston ‘Be Killed’ After Sex Assault Allegation

Disgraced Hollywood mogul and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein suggested that actress Jennifer Aniston ‘should be killed’ after she came out with allegations that he sexually assaulted her. As The New York Post reports:

Harvey Weinstein suggested that Jennifer Aniston “should be killed” upon learning that the National Enquirer was planning to report he sexually assaulted her, court papers revealed Tuesday.

On Oct. 31, 2017, amid the barrage of #MeToo allegations against the disgraced movie mogul, Weinstein’s spokeswoman forwarded him an email from the Enquirer, the records show…

About 45 minutes after receiving the email, Weinstein used his iPhone to send Hofmeister a terse response, the records show.

“Jen Aniston should be killed,” he wrote.

The stunning emails were part of a host of document filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that have now been made public.

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