Hillary Clinton Facebook Group Gets Book Deal—And Its Members Are Livid

The founder of “Pantsuit Nation,” a private Facebook group for Hillary Clinton supporters, has signed a deal to turn some of the group’s top posts into a book — which has some fans asking if they were scammed.

The private Facebook group is comprised primarily of women, all of whom support the now-defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The group was initially created secretly and is still private — meaning members must invite their contacts and admins must approve their request to join — but it has grown to be home to nearly 4 million members, according to the New York Times.

Libby Chamberlain, the group’s creator, said she hopes the book will counter negative memes about Clinton. “The internet is full right now of every possible combination of things being said [about Clinton] except for this,” she said an interview with Mashable, “[Pantsuit Nation] is not a place to convince anyone how great she is. It’s a place to celebrate how great she is.” Chamberlains initial goal was quite simple, to create a small group and convince three dozen or so friends to wear pantsuits on election day when they voted for Clinton. But only two weeks after the group’s launch, the page boasted a million members.

Chamberlain (pictured) is set to publish a Pantsuit Nation book on May 9th with Flatiron Books. The Times describes the project as “the collective voices of the women who shared their stories of overcoming or facing sexism, racism or xenophobia.” The book will be comprised of posts and images submitted to the Facebook page, and Chamberlain will act more as an editor rather than author, choosing what user content appears in the book.

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