Hillary Clinton Narrowly Avoids Another Fall

Don’t expect to see an extremely familiar elder stateswoman in a glittery pantsuit busting out a lively fandango on season 456 of Dancing With The Ugh, This Show Is Still On?

Hillary Clinton has turned down an invitation to compete on the z-list celebrity tv dancing show. You have to wonder, did she laugh in that scary manner of hers when she got the call? Or was she totally insulted to be asked? Granted, she lost bigly, but only political lessers do DWTS!

Via USWeekly:

For Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the mirrorball trophy is no consolation prize. In the new issue of Us Weekly, a Dancing With the Stars source reveals producers asked the 69-year-old politician if she would be interested in strutting her stuff on season 24 of the ABC ballroom competition. Says the source: “She said no.”

“HAH!” at that blunt answer. In actuality, she probably said “Are you for fucking real? I just went through all that bullshit and you think I’m going to torture myself further by shaking this hot polyester ass on your sad little shitshow? That’s some trumped-up, trickledown BULLSHIT. Lose my number!” Michelle Obama feels you, Hil. The most missed FLOTUS in American history also reportedly passed when asked. Too bad for ABC, because that lady has moves.

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