Is Mayor Pete Done For? Liberal MSNBC Panel Slam Buttigieg as ‘Problematic’ After BLM Protest

A liberal MSNBC panel ripped Democrat Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg apart Sunday morning after he embarrassed himself badly during a black lives matter protest. As The Daily Wire reports:

The “Meet the Press” panel took direct aim at South Bend mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg Sunday morning, expressing serious doubts that Buttigieg can handle a larger constituency than what he already controls as mayor.

Buttigieg has been in South Bend most of the week, skipping out on a handful of political events in South Carolina and other early primary states in order to handle the fallout from a viral video that shows a white South Bend police officer shooting a black man brandishing a large knife. The video has ignited protests as well as a debate over whether the officer was really faced with a situation that required the use of deadly force.

On Friday, Buttigieg confronted a group of “Black Lives Matter” protesters to try to quell their concerns, but ended up exposing his own weaknesses. Buttigieg couldn’t handle the crowd, read from a prepared statement he held in his hand, and found himself — a progressive — unexpectedly shouldering the blame for what protesters clearly considered a racial incident (though that has yet to be proven).

A video of the confrontation appeared online on Friday evening and shows Buttigieg struggling to handle around 150 protesters, especially after he rightfully admits that its not clear the officer involved in the shooting has a history of racist behavior, as some protesters have claimed.

It’s remarkable how quickly a former liberal darling like Buttigieg can fall from grace.

Is mayor Pete done for?

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