Kid Rock Seen Drinking Bud Light Months After Shooting Up Cases

@KidRock Twitter

A twist in the Kid Rock-Bud Light saga has come to light. Remember when, only a few months ago, Kid Rock made headlines by decimating several cases of Bud Light with an AR-15, after the controversial posts by influencer Dylan Mulvaney? Well, TMZ recently caught the artist casually enjoying the very same beer at a Colt Ford gig in Nashville. See the photos:


This public display was quite a departure from his very vocal and fiery video proclamation back in April, where he vociferously declared, “F–k Bud Light, and f–k Anheuser-Busch.” His displeasure seemed to be triggered when Mulvaney, a notable transgender influencer, shared images endorsing Bud Light—a move that didn’t sit well with certain conservative circles.

The ripple effect? A strong conservative push for a Bud Light boycott, leading to a noticeable dip in its sales. But interestingly, Kid Rock’s own Nashville venture, the Honky Tonk Rock & Roll Steakhouse, never took the beer off its menu—even as fellow musicians like John Rich and Travis Tritt decided otherwise.

However, it seems tides might be changing for Bud Light. Deutsche Bank reports that by July, only 3% of Bud Light consumers stated they wouldn’t consider the brand in the upcoming months, down from a substantial 18% earlier. As Kid Rock’s own stance softens, perhaps America’s too?

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