Megyn Kelly Gets Into a Spat With Bill O’Reilly

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has hit back at presenter Megyn Kelly’s “incomprehensible” comments involving reports of sexual harassment at the news channel, US media report.

Kelly said O’Reilly’s suggestion that nobody had complained about his behavior at Fox was “false”. “I know because I complained,” she said.

O’Reilly retorted: “I don’t know why [Kelly] is doing what she’s doing. I’ve helped her dramatically in her career.” O’Reilly has denied any wrongdoing. In an with radio host Glenn Beck on Monday, O’Reilly said he had “never had a problem” with Kelly.

“When she was getting hammered earlier this year, I wrote a column sticking up for her,” he said. O’Reilly said that he was not going to “run and hide” from allegations of sexual harassment at the company, but added that he wanted the story to “go away because it’s brutalizing my family.”

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