Melania Trump Bashed for Christmas Decorations by Angry Left

The Trump’s are celebrating their second Christmas in the White House and for the second year in a row, the liberal media is bashing First Lady Melania Trump’s choice of decor.

According to Fox News:

First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the White House’s Christmas décor on Monday and – for the second year in a row – she is being attacked, mocked and even vilified for the people’s house’s holiday furnishings, which many critics feel is a sign of widespread hypocrisy.

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While the first lady was criticized for last year’s all-white theme, the patriotic red used this season has been equally condemned, with many detractors claiming it looks like the handmaids’ outfits in “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

“The War on Christmas has evolved into more of the media’s War on Trump,” fumed Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor.

Mainstream media outlets such as The Washington Post, USA Today, Time, HuffPost, San Francisco Chronicle and Vice all mocked the decorations, often masking their disdain by focusing on the backlash of trolls on social media.

The same publications have fawned over previous administrations decoration for the holiday. It makes one question whether their view would be different had these decorations been used with a different president occupying the White House.

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