Michael Moore Compares Trump Supporters to Rapists

Filmmaker and author Michael Moore blasted white Donald Trump voters Tuesday evening while talking to CNN host Don Lemon after the president’s statement to the media where he appeared to defend the alt-right. He accused them of being “enablers” in the same way one might be to a rapist.

“Not all Trump supporters are racist,” Lemon said to Moore.

“Not all, I said the vast majority,” he answered.

“And they take offense to people calling them racist because they support,” Lemon added, “they supported him. So the question is how do you deal with that.”

“If you hold down the woman while the rapist is raping her, and you didn’t rape her,” Moore asked, “are you a rapist?”

“I mean let’s just really, let’s cut the BS,” he continued, “and start speaking honestly.”

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