Mike Rowe Slams the Cost of Education

TV star Mike Rowe was recently asked about the college admissions scandal but he took the opportunity to turn the focus to the actual cost of education in this country.

According to Fox News:

Television host and author Mike Rowe believes that the American people should be just as outraged with the skyrocketing cost of higher education as they are with the celebrities exposed in the college admissions cheating scandal.

Rowe, who is best known for his Discovery Channel show “Dirty Jobs,” also argues in favor of more vocational jobs and said that “not everyone has to go to college” during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

He was responding to questions regarding the scandal which has ensnared Hollywood, leaving actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman facing jail time for bribing university employees to get their children into good schools.

“I think it is interesting that when wealthy people cheat, we get angrier than we do when middle-class people cheat,” Rowe said about the media frenzy which has surrounded the case. “It’s kind of fun to be outraged at people who are clearly privileged and don’t ‘need to cheat’, but ethics have nothing to do with money, right?… On the one hand, yeah, it is outrageous what happened. But it’s also outrageous that the cost of college has increased faster than the cost of health care, real estate, food, energy,” he continued.

Rowe pointed out that an $11,000 liberal arts education costs upwards of $100,000 today.

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